5 – The Perfume

There was that punching smell that made me inhale deeply – Immediately – instinctively.

At the same time, a melody came to my mind
– I walked with grandfather through the fields and we sang together.
I never had heard that melody anymore.
Now the voice of grandpa resounded – and every word of the song came clear to my mind.

– Where did that smell come from? – so recognizable – so strong!

I looked around – under the stairs I discovered an access to a conservatory.
The plants had grown through the cracked windows.
I managed to open one of the doors.
A strong fragrance hit me.
Several bushes, trees and slabs filled all of the space up to the ridge.
I could recognize some out of my native country – but there were many that I never had seen before.
Here and there flower pots were burst under pressure of their roots.
Upward, their pursuit of light had led them to form a thick patch of fogliage.
This conservatory had turned into a darkly wildered arbor

A rusty object blocked a passageway – it turned out to be a wheelchair covered up with slings.

What I had thought before to be lianes – hanging in loops under the trees – actually turned out to be plastic tubes filled with a certain liquid.
They were so thickly covered with greenery that they could hardly be distinguished from the plants.
They hung scattered here and there throughout the whole conservatory.

A multitude of odors came me to me – almost intoxicating.
They merged with the damp warm atmosphere of earth and rotting –
And the sweet sparkling perfumes that brought me back to my home land and my youth.