4 – the interior

The notary had given me an old heavy key.
– The lock looked broke –
But I did not have to worry about that – he said –
“Everything works fine – You have to push firmly, because it’s a very heavy door!”

Indeed, I could push it open just wide enough to worm myself in

– Well, I have already made my decision -I said to myself – I never want to come and live here! – But I didn’t want to disappoint my wife down – so I went on – I took a look –

I stood in a lobby .
– On the right: A hal with bright blue floor tiles.
And when I looked up
– A niche in the wall before me containing some rusty rifles.
(“Winchester” was still readable on one of them.)

– On the Left: A door – stairs – a basement?

I crossed the hal and climbed a wide marble staircase.
Touched the handrail – cold – metal? – copper! – I expected wood.

Upstairs I found an interior as I only knew out of old European movies
– High ceilings – a huge gold-plated mirror over a black marble chimney sheath – dark-wood armoires – carving – which showed foliage, animals, fruit and hunting scenes.
– A silver chandelier with crystal lamps and a pendulum.
Amidst a large round oak table stacked with al kinds of objects.

All was covered in a thin layer of pale dust – clouding by every move I made.
– Under a thick carpet cracked a parquet.
The scents were particular – difficult to describe – kasha or roses?

I discovered a small library – different paintings in which I could only distinguish color stains and stripes.

That multiplicity of objects appearing in each room began to draw my attention – sometimes I could hardly guess what their function could have been.

I became more and more curious by opening every next door.

But the unpleasant feeling of being an intruder came over me.
I was not a buyer anymore, approving a property – I felt like an intruder –

It was quiet.
There was that strange threat of abandoned places.

I became uneasy.
I searched my way back – walked down the stairs – touched for the key in the pocket of my jacket – stepped towards the front door – grabbed the knob-
But when I held it in my hand – something was withdrawing me…